This is our team at Flyer Delivery Toronto, We are hardworking adults that provide Reliable Flyer Distribution in Toronto and All of GTA. We value customer service, competitive pricing for our clients as well as Reliable Delivery of flyers Door to Door anywhere in Greater Toronto Area. We supervise all of our deliveries and even provide you with daily updates.


We have commercial storage space where your flyer will be kept safely until their Scheduled distribution. We offer free pick up of your flyers and printed material all across GTA. This way you can plan your schedule in advance, have us pick up the flyers, and store them at our place with an ongoing delivery schedule.

Delivery Crew

Our delivery team in Toronto consists of only Adult Carriers. Every Carriers goes through a 10 day training and preparation program to ensure that we hire only the right Carriers for our Door to Door Flyer Distribution Services in Toronto and all across GTA. On top of that we constantly drive around throughout the day monitoring the distribution team, resupplying them with flyers as well as making sure they are on track for an efficient distribution process.

Flyer Preparation And Map Scheduling

When your flyers are Delivered Door to Door in GTA we send them out with other flyers from local businesses that go out into the same area. This is how we are able to charge half the price of Canada Post for Flyer Distribution while still providing you with a quality services and regular updates. We carefully go over the maps of all of our customers to work out the most time efficient and accurate flyer distribution.

Flyer Bundling

Your flyers will be bundled up with other flyers (see picture) while still being all loose and not attached to each other by bags, envelopes or rubber bands. This ensures an easier viewing experience for homeowners who have received your flyers.

Delivery Process

Every crew member goes up to the house directly and places your flyer right into the customer’s mailbox or their door handle. If there is neither available, then they will attach your flyer to the door, using one of the door cracks. With over 16 years of experience we know how to get your flyers on the door for maximum exposure. This offers the best visual contact with the customer, who will be sure to read your flyer.


For all the deliveries you will get a confirmation email notifying that your flyers have been delivered, this email will include a Verification Report which consists of streets that were checked at random, exact areas and dates, as well as all the other companies that were delivered in the area. Also for all deliveries over 10,000 pcs we will provide you with photos from the area of the delivery of your flyers in the mailbox or attached to the door handle.


For every single distribution that we do for you, we will notify you by email a day in advance for the exact times and areas where the team will be working. If you have an inquiry during the actual day of distribution you can call us directly and we will let you know what streets exactly are being done at that particular hour. This allows you to go drive through the areas and see the delivery process as it happens before your eyes.

Doorhanger Distribution in Toronto

Have a doorhanger? We can deliver that too. We offer Reliable Doorhanger distribution in Toronto and all of GTA. Your doorhanger will be placed right on the handle of every door for maximum exposure. Doorhangers are a great way to attract attention of your customers while generating interest in your products.

Affordable Design & Print in Toronto

Don’t have a flyer? No Problem we will help. Simply send us the text that you wish us to put on your flyers, include a few pictures and let our Design team prepare a piece that will get you new customers. Printing is also a simple process for us. Whether you have a design already prepared or we will be using the one that we had created for you, we will print your flyers in matter of a couple of days with the Grade A Quality Standard. Our Printing Prices are very low. Plus if you bundle printing and delivery you will get additional savings.